A Little Espresso Info

A Little Espresso Info

What is espresso? Espresso is a famous coffee-making method of Italian origin, where a tiny amount of almost boiling water is gently forced over 9 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee beans during a period of about 90 seconds to one minute. The result is a very rich and intense coffee, which is generally separated from the ground beans via a filter. Espresso is known for its strong flavor. The coffee beans chosen are not only used for getting a good coffee but also to make delicious espressos. Nowadays, many people prefer to have a cup of espresso to relax in the evening, and enjoy a good movie with friends and family.

DeLonghi Pump Espresso Maker

One can make a delicious espresso and cappuccino by using high quality coffee beans and then grinding them just before brewing the mixture in a stove top appliance, or your own espresso maker.  Using the same type of coffee grounds, one adds in a little water as per the package instructions and starts the brewing process. The resulting beverage has a very light body, with a rich aroma, and a touch of richness that will linger on your tongue.

Making Some Fun Espresso Drinks

An espresso mocha is made using a combination of espresso and hot chocolate, along with a small amount milk. First of all, a large pot (mocha pot) is filled with boiling water. Then a standard coffee or espresso machine (either manual or automatic) is used to brew a very small amount of coffee, depending on your needs.

How To Make Espresso

You can actually make a perfect, gourmet coffee drink in less than 30 seconds! It’s really easy, and all you need is a French Press. The process is simple enough: put a little water in the bottom of the press, then put coffee grounds in the top of the pot. Turn the machine on, and when it’s making a cup of espresso, just pull one shot of espresso out of the bottom, and place it into your mug! Now, just repeat that process for as many mugs as you want to make (there are special mugs for espresso, coffee, tea, etc).

The final step in this creation is creating a one-shot espresso luncheon. In this creation, you will use one ounce of your espresso grounds, a quarter ounce of hot water, and three tablespoons of sugar. All you have to do is fill the entire mug with water, put in the coffee mug, and turn it on. When the coffee starts to boil, stir to create steam, and then let it brew for approximately thirty minutes. Once the coffee has brewed, you can then pour it over ice in order to enjoy it at your leisure.

The Espresso Revolution Rolls On

Espresso is a very popular drink with children and adults alike. Grated chocolate, or instant chocolate, is a wonderful way to top off your morning coffee without using tons of sugar and calories. There are many different recipes for chocolate eclair, including the classic French vanilla version. If you don’t care too much for the flavor of your regular morning coffee, consider serving this delicious alternative on its own or with a sweet treat for dessert.

The French toast is another simple, but delicious, espresso drink. Start with a glass of milk, which is always cold, and stir in one tablespoon of espresso.  Using your steaming wand, add the espresso, a bit of caramel or vanilla, hot milk, and a few pieces of unsalted bread. Now all that is left is to pour in some whipped cream and you have a perfectly sumptuous meal that will have you talking for hours about it. You can make them the night before and keep them warm by placing them in the freezer until you are ready to serve.

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