Bavarian Chocolate Latte

Bavarian Chocolate Latte

I confess, I am a chocolate freak.  Not just a chocolate addict, a full out freak.  I collect recipes with chocolate, I will drive for miles to check out a bakery that might have a chocolate creation and I drive my kids nuts by not sharing my chocolate.  Chocolate and coffee have always been paired together, but far too often it is a bad marriage.  Cheap chocolate, lousy coffee or a heavy hand with the mixing almost always leave me unhappy with the mix.

That changed when I found this recipe called Bavarian Chocolate Latte.  First of all, there isn’t a chocolate called Bavarian but there are some wonderful chocolate Bavarian cream desserts, so I read on.  Second, I am usually disappointed with chocolate lattes (see the above gripe) but this recipe seemed more subtle.  It can be served hot or iced (I have included the instructions for iced) and is a great combination of both chocolate and coffee, without either flavor overpowering the other.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Syrup

You can substitute low fat milk but I really like whole or 2%.  They will be richer tasting but of course carry the price of higher fat and calorie counts.  You can use your favorite chocolate syrup but it always pays to read labels.  Chocolate syrup shouldn’t have a lot of ingredients.


Enough for 1 good sized serving

1) 4 tablespoons of a good quality chocolate syrup

2) 1 shot of your favorite espresso

3) 1 cup of steamed milk.  I prefer whole milk but you can substitute.

4) Some Whipped cream

5) 5 to 6 ice cubes if you are going to have an iced coffee.

Equipment Needed

Espresso maker and electronic blenderIced Bavarian Chocolate Latte

Hot Bavarian Chocolate Latte

Brew up your favorite espresso.  You will need 1 shot (one ounce) for each serving that you make.

Mix together 4 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, a shot of espresso and 1 cup of steamed milk.  Pour into your favorite mug and top with whipped cream.

Iced Bavarian Chocolate Latte

Grab your favorite blender and add the chocolate syrup, espresso, steamed milk.  Add a handful of ice cubes to the mix.

Blend together well for 30-60 seconds until all of the ingredients are evenly mixed.

Pour the drink into a tall glass.  For a colder drink, put the glass into your freezer for a few minutes before serving.

Add some whipped cream and a few chocolate sprinkles and enjoy!


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