Best Ground Espresso Coffee

Best Ground Espresso Coffee

Espresso fans will make finding the best ground espresso coffee a mission.  For those who don’t share the passion for espresso, this may seem foolish.  However, like any food or drink, the quality of the ingredients will make the end result taste fabulous.

Far too often, people are confused by the name espresso.  It is not a type of roasted coffee, it is not a brand name.  Espresso means a coffee drink that is made by forcing steam (very hot water) through tightly packed ground coffee.  The result is a very intense coffee drink that is served in small cups (demitasse) in small portions, usually 1 1/2 ounces.

Brewing An Espresso

Ground Espresso Coffee Is A Description, Not A Type

Part of the confusion with espresso is that manufacturers will label coffees as espresso beans or espresso grinds.  Almost any ground coffee will work for espresso, that fact that the product is labeled as espresso won’t affect the flavor.  Your choice should be made by deciding what kind of coffee you like.  Dark roast will have a richer, stronger coffee taste.  Light roast will have a crisper, less heavy coffee taste.  Their is no right or wrong answer, it really does come down to your preference.

Our 3 Favorite Ground Coffees For Espresso

Lavazza Espresso ItalianoLavAzza Espresso Italiano is one of our favorites.  Yes, the name is misleading, it uses the phrase espresso when it doesn’t need to.  The coffee, however, is outstanding.  Rich in flavor, the grind is extremely fine.  The finer the grind, the better the espresso.  Perfect with a scone or cookie for dessert.

Gevalia Espresso Roast CoffeeGevalia Espresso Roast coffee is a dark, rich ground coffee.  While Gevalia is often ridiculed for their coffee programs (get their coffee maker free, but you have to buy a ton of their coffee), this is a great coffee.  Dark roast with a smooth but intense coffee flavor. classic medium roast ground espresso coffee by Illy is our third choice.  A medium roast is lighter than a dark roast, meaning that the flavor is smoother and less intense.  This is a great coffee for those mid-afternoon breaks where you want an espresso but prefer something a bit lighter.

Which coffee is best for you?  It all comes down to personal preference and taste.  For some espresso drinkers, the dark roasts are too intense.  For others, the dark roast gives them the strong, rich coffee taste that they love.  Try a few and find out which fits your palette best.

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