Espresso Coffee Pods

Espresso Coffee Pods

Using Single Serve Espresso Coffee Pods

We have all had those times when we really needed an espresso but we couldn’t get our machine to  hurry up and give up that drink that we so desperately need.  It’s true that there are quite a few reasonably priced automatic espresso machines available, but automatic does not mean that it will be faster.  While they have the benefit of being automatic (hence the name), they still take as long from start to finish as most espresso machines.  However, you want your espresso NOW, not in 10 minutes.  Plus, you just don’t have the time or inclination to mess with grinding beans, heating water, frothing milk and then making the actual drink.  That’s why you need espresso now, so that you will get the jolt needed to perform those sort of tasks.

This is a situation where you may want to consider using an espresso coffee pod and single serve espresso machine.  I know, espresso purists all over the planet are screaming at me.  Give it a second thought, however.  If you haven’t tried this method before, you may be surprised at just how good the end result can actually be.  Coffee shop espresso level-no.  Decent cup of espresso in a hurry level-absolutely.

How Does An Espresso Coffee Pod Work?

Espresso drinkers that likes their espresso made in a traditional manner will probably recoil at first when they see an espresso pod and single serve espresso maker.  They have been trained to appreciate the ritual that espresso brewing entails and the care with which the barista tends to the beans, the milk and the extraction of the espresso nectar.  And, to be honest, using an espresso machine is the only way to achieve that type of espresso.  Still, you are in a hurry and you don’t have the time to set up the machine or wait in line at your coffee shop.  Espresso coffee pods will address the need for speed and give you a surprising good cup of espresso.

When you check out the coffee supply at your local grocery store or at your local coffee shop, you will see a wide variety of coffees that are label espresso.  While there isn’t actually an espresso coffee, these coffees will be darker and a bit more acidic, allowing them to duplicate the concentrated flavor of espresso brewed in the traditional way.  These are the types of coffee that will be used in most espresso pods and will go a long ways towards giving you that intense flavor that you have come to enjoy.

The pods themselves are specially designed to work with a single cup espresso maker.  Most have a double filter system, as opposed to single filters in other coffee k-cups.  The double filter helps force the water more slowly through the pod, allowing more of the concentrated coffee flavor to come through.  The pod also uses less water, meaning another way of concentrating that coffee taste.

Having a single serve coffee maker as a basic kitchen tool is becoming more common, especially with the improvements in the actually coffee maker itself.  Give an espresso coffee pod (also known as a k-cup) a try, you may be very surprised at the quality of the cup of espresso you end up with.

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