Excellent Ground Coffee For Espresso

Excellent Ground Coffee For Espresso

A good espresso drink starts with a good coffee bean. While you may want to grind beans every time you make espresso, it is much easier to buy ground espresso coffee.  While there isn’t a coffee called espresso, many coffee companies will label their coffee beans and ground coffees as espresso.  This usually indicates that the coffee used is darker (a darker roast) and a stronger coffee.  Choosing the best ground coffee for your home brewed espresso drinks will often come down to personal taste, although you will need to make sure you store the coffee properly.

Store Your Ground Coffee Properly

Moisture is the enemy of ground coffee.  That may seem silly, you need moisture to make coffee.  However, ground coffee that is exposed to moisture will become stale and acidic.  Rule number one for storing coffee is to keep it dry.  Despite what your mother may have told you, your refrigerator is the worst place you can keep your coffee.  It has a lot of moisture and it is impossible to keep your coffee dry.

Your freezer is a good alternative, it will keep your coffee dry.  A shelf in a pantry is also good, it will be dry and dark, perfect conditions for keeping ground coffee fresh.  Wherever you store you coffee, make sure you are using an airtight container.  Metal or ceramic are best as they won’t transfer flavors or let light in.

3 Very Good Ground Coffees For Espresso



Illy Classica Medium Roast Ground Espresso

Illy Classica Medium Roast Ground Espresso

This is a very good ground coffee, made by illy.  It is not as dark a roast as some other coffees, which is great if you are looking for a lighter flavored espresso.  You will notice a slight hint of chocolate and caramel, very light but not overpowering.  This is not a flavored drink, but the coffee does have some subtle hints of those two flavors.

Ground CoffeeMedaglia D'Oro Italian Roast Ground CoffeeMedaglia D’Oro Italian Roast Ground Coffee

Made with 100% Arabica coffee, this dark roast from Medaglia D’Oro is a rich, full bodied ground coffee that makes an excellent cup of espresso.  The grind is very fine, which is exactly what you want when you are making espresso.  However, this grind is also excellent for a standard drip brew coffee maker.

Ground CoffeeLavazza Italiano Ground CoffeeLavazza Italiano Ground Coffee

Lavazza Italiano Ground is a medium roast, meaning it will be a bit lighter than a traditional dark roast but will still have a fairly intense coffee flavor when used in an espresso maker.  It is also made for 100% Arabica coffee beans and will work very well in a drip brew coffee maker.

Ground CoffeeOther Espresso Coffees That We Like

There are quite a few varieties of espresso available, what you end up using will be determined by your taste and how you prepare your espresso.  Here are some of our favorite ground espresso coffees.

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