Gevi Espresso Maker

Gevi Espresso Maker

Making espresso at home shouldn’t take too much time or too much effort.  While the perfect espresso drink won’t happen by itself, you will find that your coffee enjoying life is much easier if you have a good espresso maker in your home kitchen.  We really like the Gevi espresso maker, it fits the bill for almost every kind of espresso drink creation.

Fast Heating So You Don’t Have To Wait

Let’s face it, when we want an espresso, we want it now.  No one wants to wait 5 minutes for the water to get to the right temperature, then another 5 minutes so that the steam wand is at the correct temp.  Gevi has built this coffee maker with a heavy duty 1130 watt heating unit, meaning that once you turn on the machine, you are only 45 seconds away from the water being hot enough.  The steam for the wand and frother, which is controlled by a different thermostat, is also ready very quickly.  No long wait here!

Gevi Espresso Machine Fast Heating Frother Wand

All espresso machines talk about the bar pressure used to force the hot water through the ground coffee.  Grevi’s unit uses 20 bar pressure, which is an extremely high reading for any coffee maker.  What this translates to is a very rich cup of espresso, with all of the fragrant aromas that come with a perfectly brewed cup of espresso.

Another nice feature that comes standard with this unit is the 3-in-1 filter holder.  This allows you to brew both a single or a double shot at once.  You don’t need the cost that comes with a two spout espresso maker when you want to brew a double shot or two shots at once.  This filter holder allows you to brew two shots at one time.

Gevi Espresso Machine Filter Holder

A Very Well Designed Espresso Machine

There seems to have been a lot of thought put into the design of this machine.  There are quite a few handy features that lead to a very easy brewing experience.  The drip tray is removable and dishwasher friendly.  Even the most experienced barista drips coffee, it’s really a nice option to be able to pop off the drip tray and run it through the dishwasher.

The top of the unit has a small warming tray, perfect for warming up your cup or glass.  It doesn’t get too hot, just warm enough to give your cup a nice, toasty feel to.  Adding hot liquid to a warmed cup means that your drink will stay hot longer.  The water tank is very easy to fill.  It also can be removed, allowing you to fill it by removing the tank or taking the tank to the sink to be cleaned.  We also really like the heat shield on the steaming wand.  No more hand burns with this unit.

Gevi Espresso Machine Components

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This Is A Very Well Made And Well Priced Espresso Machine

You can usually find the Gevi espresso machine for under $140.  Amazon has often had this unit priced under $130.  From a value standpoint, this is a well priced espresso maker and well worth the cost.  It is well made, works very well and is simple to use.  Overall, this is a very good value and a good espresso machine.

What Are Some Other Home Espresso Machine Options?

There are quite a few options when it comes to buying a good espresso machine for your home.  Some may be too big, some are quite elaborate and require some practice, but many will serve up fresh, delicious espresso.  Here are some of our favorites for you to choose from.

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