Let’s Make An Americano Espresso Drink

Let’s Make An Americano Espresso Drink

Why should you drink an Americano espresso drink? Many people dislike the strong taste of espresso, some think it is bitter and a bit off-putting.  While you might say that is the reason to drink an espresso (not the off-putting part), a strong coffee taste is not always what people want.  That’s why you might try something a bit different, an Americano espresso drink.

What The Heck Is An Americano Espreso Drink?

An Americano is one of the simplest espresso drinks to make.  It literally has just two ingredients; espresso and hot water.  Nothing complicated, just a good shot of espresso (or a double) and clean, hot water.  Most baristas will make an Americano with a 2:1 water to espresso ratio.

The reasons for drinking an Americano are also pretty basic.  While the rich and intense flavor of espresso is wonderful, there will be times that you don’t want something that intense.  By adding hot water you will smooth out the coffee flavor and make the drink less bitter and more like a cup of brewed coffee, only with a more defined coffee taste.

Another reason for an Americano is also basic.  You get more to drink and enjoy!  A shot of espresso by itself (or with a bit of sweetener or cream) is a description of heaven on earth for many people.  However, it is also over very quickly.  A few sips and you are done, probably waiting for that next cup.  Even a double doesn’t take long to drink.  Having an Americano will almost triple the amount of coffee you have to drink.  An Americano single has three shots (one espresso, two water) while a double has six shots (two espresso and four water).  You still have a wonderfully rich coffee taste but it will be less intense (and bitter) than a straight espresso.

Making An Americano

There isn’t really a recipe that you need to follow to make a good Americano espresso drink.  You need to start with a good espreso, hot and strong.  Fire up your espresso maker and make a single or double shot.  Pour the espresso into a taller cup or glass and add hot water at a 2:1 ratio.  Some coffee drinkers will use a 3:1 ratio and this is the drink that you would get at a Starbucks.  It is smoother and has a less intense flavor.

How To Make An EspressoYour espresso should have a bit of a crema on top, don’t crush it with the hot water.  It’s okay to add some sugar or other sweetener to an Americano but DON”T add cream or milk.  That puts you into latte territory.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just not an Americano.

You can use an Americano for some fun drinks.  This is a great drink to served iced (cold) in the summertime.  It’s refreshing and has a rich, smooth coffee flavor.  You can also add alcohols like kahlua  or Irish Cream, both are great additions to the coffee flavor.

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