Making A Macchiato

Making A Macchiato

Making A MacchiatoMacchiato is one of the most basic, and most versatile, espresso drinks that you can make.  At its core, there are two ingredients: espresso and milk.  Caffe macchiato, or espresso macchiato, is espresso with a little milk.  A latte machiato is steamed milk with espresso.  Simple right?  You can also get very creative using a macchiato as a base.  One of Starbucks most popular drinks is a caramel machhiato (check out our earlier post on brown sugar caramel latte for a wonderful caramel syrup recipe), a basic macchiato latte with caramel syrup.

An espresso macchiato is generally made with a strict 1:1 ratio of espresso and milk.  Use one shot of espresso and one ounce of steamed milk with some foam.  In Italian, macchiato means “marked” or “stained” and you want to mark your espresso with some steamed milk.  For a larger serving, use 2 shots of espresso and 3 ounces of steamed milk.

Making a latte macchiato involves more milk.  This style of drink also has a layered effect, giving you more flavors and different temperatures.  The process is a bit different.  Start by making a double shot of espresso.  Your espresso machine should allow you to do this, but if not, make two separate shots of espresso and put into a cup.  Steam 8 ounces of milk, creating as much foam as you like.  Pour the milk into a tall glass, leaving room at the top.  Dump the espresso into the middle of the milk but don’t stir.  Use a knife to create a design if you are feeling creative.

Macchiato Cappuccino and Latte

Two other ways to enjoy macchiato are cappuccino and latte.  Cappuccino is usually made up of three equal parts: espresso, milk and milk foam.  Its creation can be a real test of a barista’s skills and this is a drink that is a bit more complicated to make.

Start out by making a double shot of espresso and put it in an 8 ounce cup or glass.  Steam 6 ounces of milk.  If you like a lot of foam, steam until the milk pitcher stops feeling cold and is around 100 degrees. Give the pitcher a couple of good swirls, then pour the milk into the mug with the espresso.  The drink will settle and the foam will rise to the top, giving you a perfect three layered drink.

Latte means milk in Italian and a macchiato latte will have a 4 or 5 to one milk to espresso ratio.  Make a double shot of espresso and pour into a tall glass.  Steam 8 ounces of milk until there is very little foam.  Again, give the milk pitcher a few swirls, then pour into the middle of the espresso already in the glass.  You can use cold milk instead of steamed if you want a cool drink and some like to pour the whole concoction over ice.

Some fun additions to a macchiato:  caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry syrup.

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